We want to collect all types of unwanted textiles including: Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Belts, Hats, Curtains, Towels, and Bedding. We have teamed up with textile recycler “Phil the Bag” who will convert your clothes into cash to enable the Richmond Venturer to take people with disabilities for trips on the River Thames.

To make it as easy as possible you can donate your items in a black bin liner or we have collection bags available from the boat or office. We will be opening the boat every Thursday between 9 and 12 in January to receive your donations. If you have a sizable quantity of items or haven’t got transport, please phone the office to book a collection.

Just to be different why not ask your friends and relatives for bags of unwanted clothes or textiles for Christmas !!! Its an ideal gift for the River Thames Boat Project !

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