Seeing “Warhorse” hit the screens was interesting for us here at Dreamcatcher Media as it’s not long since we walked out of our office at Twickenham Film Studios to see Steven Spielberg in the forecourt discussing the next take with his crew. Nearby, the majestic horses were in make-up! Yes, its true. The horses had an area cordoned off for make-up in the yard – minus the usual dressing room mirror and bright lights of course. I watched as make-up artists patiently brushed their manes and around their hooves with toothbrushes! Having peeked through the studio doors to see the sets for inside the windmill and the horses stable, the magic of turning these sets into such realistic visuals on screen never ceases to amaze me. And, of course, Spielberg is a master at the art.

Well it’s nice to know that what’s set to be a box office hit was made here in Twickenham. Children can pick up the filmmaking bug here too with Dreamcatcher Media’s forthcoming mid-term break and summer film camps. Who knows, your child might be the Spielberg of the future!

Dreamcatcher Media have been running film camps for children aged 8-17 in Twickenham for several years now. Last year, they added two additional course venues in Notting Hill and Elstree. They have just announced their mid-term break camps for 13-17th February and 2nd-5th April 2012, with summer courses starting early in July. Director David O’Keeffe says:

“There’s a magic to filmmaking that really sparks the imagination of our young students. They have fun coming up with their own unique idea for their film and it’s a pleasure to help them turn it into something they can put up on YouTube or MySpace as their own piece of creative work.”

Some students have entered their films for film festivals with one picking up a prize at Bedford Park Festival in Chiswick last Summer.

Children come for 5 days 9-2pm and learn the basic principles of filmmaking. They learn to plan, script, and direct a movie and put this learning into action when they form a production team to make their own short film. Along the way, they get to play the range of different production roles including scriptwriter, director, cameraperson, scriptwriter, sound operator and more. The course finishes with the children learning to edit their own film. Business Secretary Vince Cable MP has described these courses as “valuable and imaginative”.

The forthcoming mid-term break Camp for 8 - 16 year olds will run at Cole Court, London Road, Twickenham TW1 1HD from Monday 13th to Friday 17th February. Owing to the bank holidays, our Easter Camp will be a 4 day Camp running from Monday 2nd to Friday 5th April. Summer courses will start in early July. The venue is minutes walk from Twickenham and St Margarets stations. It offers plenty safe space for filming with the large house, including cafe and training rooms, set in its own secluded grounds. Off-street parking spaces are available for pick ups and drop offs.

Booking has started already, so if you’d like your child to have some exciting filming opportunities this mid-term break, please book now. You can book directly on our website or by calling us at Twickenham Film Studios on 0208 607 7273. E-mail: