St Margarets Kumon centre is now in its 5th year and we have helped numerous children from the community and local schools to do better at school. It may be Early Primary years, end of Primary school or transition to Secondary school. Many children at the St Margarets centre have been with us for 4 years now. It is important before starting Kumon to have a goal in mind so you know what you are aiming for. We have helped children prepare for tests in Independent schools, 11+ and Grammar schools because Kumon takes you ahead of school curriculum and assists in speed, concentration and accuracy.

Our assurance is that if your child does daily work for 10 to 15 minutes and stays with us for 2 years, they can be at the top of their class in 9 months to a year and in the 2nd year consolidate their learning and become independent learners.

Starting point - the younger the better - Reception year is ideal - children that age are still enjoying learning as play ; counting , phonics and reading is just beginning. They also settle into a routine quicker.

Parents need to be committed to the programme and be able to dedicate half an hour aside daily to listen to the reading and counting. It is imperative that they stay positive and give daily praise to the child to keep them motivated. To enrol your child with the St Margarets study centre please contact:

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