Never mind botox cover

St Margarets writer Mitch Stansbury has just released his second book, describing it as a middle-aged, mid-life crisis rock’n’roll diary.

Never Mind the Botox follows four local residents to tiny music halls and enormous fields, as over five years, they re-discover live, loud, guitar music. Prompted, and often joined by their children, this is a sideways and very light-hearted look at these noisy nights out, where suburban chaos meets homicidal ticket-touts, deranged baby-sitters, weather armageddon, superheroes in spandex, cross-dressing saxophonists and much more. From an eighties crooner playing drums in a covers band to the biggest rock acts on the planet, and from cricket club bars to Wembley Stadium, Never Mind the Botox is a journey full of decibels, drama, a little nostalgia, and more than few chuckles. There is also of course, some unforgettable dad-dancing, and is available from Denham & Finney, 149 St Margarets Road, and on Amazon Books