Just some advice (not always understood by parking wardens) for St Margarets residents.

Parking on a single yellow line is restricted by the small yellow/black road signs usually attached to a suitable lamp post or similar IN THE ROAD YOU PARK IN.

This sign denotes the single yellow line time of operation.

Some roads in St Margarets do not have these signs. In these roads parking time is by default the same as any residents slots in that road (usually 10am to 4.30 pm). For instance Norman Ave residents restrictions are 10.00 am to 16.30 hrs (from memory).

As at today - there are no yellow line restriction notices in Norman Avenue. Therefore the single yellow line parking restriction in Norman ave is in effective between 10am and 4.30 pm. But do remember - the notice could be at the other end of the road - you need to check.

If you have a fine and paid it - ticketed outside the residents parking time in these type of road - you may have grounds for re-payment.

The real question is -

Why can’t our professional parking operators/office/staff know and implement their own rules in the first place instead of causing upset and demanding fines/payment before understanding their error?

rgds, David Houston