Voice Poster - May 2013

Surya Cooper Tells Us Why Singing is So Good for You

Vital Voices is about a new way of learning to sing, taking your voice in a new musical direction; it’s not something you may have experienced before, or seen on TV. It’s not Glee, nor a church choir or a community sing-song but a way to give ‘Voice’ to the music inside you, and share it with others in a relaxed setting. We not only sing part-songs but also work on developing range and tone. We learn to improvise and harmonise, playing with and learning how to care for our voices. Our group also uses percussion to enhance our musicality.

There are countless physical benefits in singing, which include aiding circulation and helping the lymphatic and immune systems. Your posture improves as singing uses your back and abdominal muscles. You also increase muscle tone in your face, neck and jaw giving you a natural face-lift! Endorphins are released so mood dramatically improves (like chocolate but less fattening.) Singing has enhanced my health dramatically, as I was an asthmatic child but know now that the deep breathing I used whilst singing improved my lung-power.

Songs and chants have been used across cultures and ages for worship, motivation, to give courage and pleasure, celebration, and to help us get to sleep. Singing inspires our soul, creativity, confidence and well-being. The Natural Voice method means that there are no auditions, everyone is welcome. Pam, who is a singer in the group says, “Before you know it, the group is producing a marvellous sound. And you don’t have to know anything about music.” There are great emotional and social benefits in joining such a group, “Singing together is simply the best way to build lasting communities “ says Alison Burns and Lynda Daroga, from Petersham and Richmond Friends of Shooting Star adds, “You are a truly wonderful teacher and inspire great confidence in people like myself. I never thought I could sing and now I am thinking of joining a singing group.” Let Vital Voices open your voice and take you on a new journey.

Vital Voices meets on Weds at ETNA Community Centre 13 Rosslyn Rd, TW1 2AR from 12.30-2.30pm usually in term-time, sessions £10 or there are discounts if you pay at the start of a half-term block (5 or 6 weeks)

For more info contact www.vitalvoices.co.uk or phone 07770 993289