Gwyneth does it. Madonna does it. Marilyn Monroe used to do it way before it became a popular practice. But why? What are the benefits?

Improved body tone, strength, flexibility, posture and energy are just some of the reasons to get on the mat and start practicing, as well as an opportunity to rejuvenate and relax.

If you are a complete beginner and fancy trying it, join a Yoga-Fitness ‘Complete Beginners Course’. This will introduce you into the world of Yoga and the key Yoga poses, enabling you to walk into any general yoga class with confidence.


  • Sunday 1st Sept - 22nd Sept 8.05pm - 9:15pm 4 Week Complete Beginners Course. £40
  • Sunday 3rd Nov - 8th Dec 8.05pm - 9:15pm 6 Week Complete Beginners Course. £60

Bookings only. Mats, blocks & straps provided

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Sammie Mason is a qualified teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga