To be held in Clarendon Hall and online at 7pm on 9 July 2014

Consultation has only just begun on the proposal that the borough might provide a home for the Queen’s Royal Rowbarge, Gloriana. In parallel to the consultation, the Cabinet will be holding a meeting on 9th July in relation to progress on the proposal and potential future financing of the project.

The Cabinet paper also addresses some of the false allegations that have been made about the scheme. This is not a planning meeting - no planning application has yet been submitted. Nor will it take final decisions on the idea. Consultation on the scheme will continue.

However, due to public interest, the meeting (9 July 2014 at 7pm) will be moved to the larger Clarendon Hall to enable it to be webcast and allow more people to attend if they wish.

The Hall will allow a larger number of public gallery seats, but spaces will still be limited. Members of the public are able to attend this meeting as observers. If anyone wants to speak or make representations to the Cabinet, they must register to speak prior to the meeting.

There will be a maximum number of speakers allowed to speak on any one agenda item. Should too many people register, potential speakers will be asked to agree as a group who will make representations.

Entry to the Hall will commence at 6pm. If the Hall is full, an additional room will be provided in York House to enable people to view the live video cast. Residents will also be able to watch the proceedings live on the Council website at home.

To speak at the meeting, residents should register with the Cabinet Secretary ( by no later than 2pm one working day before the meeting.

– from a Richmond Council press release - 7 July 2014