isleworth promenade clean up

At the request of local residents, Richmond Council’s Community Links Team organised two conservation volunteer work days with local residents and Councillors along Isleworth Promenade on Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd managed by the Thames Landscape Strategy and South West London Environment Network. We would like to thank all the volunteers who participated and the passers-by who stopped to offer moral support as well as the Council’s parks contractor Continental Landscapes who August. These conservation volunteer work days were removed all the cut material.

Vegetation that was obstructing use of the path, which included the invasive plant Himalayan balsam, was cleared. These plants can grow to 2.5 metres in one year and each plant produces up to 800 seeds which can float along waterways, these were removed before they could seed more plants. The Balsam out-competes the native flora, including the lovely purple loosestrife (purple cone shaped flowers), so they don’t receive enough light to grow. Purple loosestrife is an important pollinator but also doesn’t grow as tall therefore not obscuring the view of the Thames.

Volunteers also reopened up a couple of vistas to the bend in the Thames. The trees that are growing through the embankment are actually damaging it, one of the species growing is the nice sounding but invasive Tree of Heaven. South West London Environment Network is interested in working with local residents to establish a Friends of Isleworth Promenade group. Friends of parks groups are very popular and working with the Council can bring about improvements for their park. Local residents don’t have to just be from Richmond Borough, Isleworth residents are welcome too.

If you would like to be involved in establishing a friends group then please contact us on or 020 8892 0590.

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