Autumn is the season of transformation. You can see it all around us in nature, the leaves are changing colour, the air is cooler and days are shorter.

You may feel like hiding away and hibernating during these colder months, however these are often the busiest and most stressful months of the year, (kids back at school, Christmas approaching), even more reason to stay energised, strong, balanced and relaxed!

With this in mind, make your own transformation this autumn and start your own yoga practice. The ‘Complete Beginners’ or ‘Improving Beginners’ courses are starting soon.

‘Complete Beginners’ Yoga Course, starting October 19th

Voted ‘Netmums Favourite Adult Class in Richmond 2014’

This 5 week course has been designed for the complete beginner. It will introduce you into the world of yoga via the key yoga poses, (asana), and sequences, basic breathing, (pranayama) and relaxation techniques. All of which you would expect to come across in any general yoga class. .

  • Sunday evenings, 8:05pm - 9:15pm at the ETNA Centre, East Twickenham

‘Improving Beginners’ Yoga Course, starting October 16th

This 5 week course has been specifically designed for the beginner who has some previous experience, knows some of the basics and wants to deepen their knowledge and practice further.

Focus will be upon some of the stronger standing postures, as well as the deeper backbends, twists and inversions. More advanced breathing and relaxation techniques will be introduced

  • Thursday evenings, 8:05pm - 9:15pm at ‘The Training Works’ St Margarets

For further information or to book, contact Sammie:

Sammie Mason is a qualified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and offers Beginners Yoga Courses, Weekly Dynamic Yoga Classes and bespoke private one to one sessions, all in a calming and restorative environment.