Low Pay Britain Flyer

I am a Producer at a television company called CPL Productions, and I’m currently working on a brand new BBC One documentary called Low Pay Britain (working title). It’s an observational film about the plight of the ‘in-work’ poor and helping them find routes out of poverty.

For the first time in living history in the UK, the working poor outnumber the workless poor - six million people are living in ‘in-work’ poverty, comprising 4.1 million adults and 2 million children. This signals that there has been a fundamental shift in the character of work in the British economy.

In this film we will tell the story of one extended family of working poor and how they manage their household finances and pay the bills. What is it like to go to work every day and still be unable to afford a holiday or a new winter coat? What impact does poverty have on stress levels, on a marriage, on success at school and on levels of happiness? How do the ‘in-work’ poor see themselves and see their future? How do they manage?

Not sure St Margarets is the right demographic, but we thought we should share.

More Information

  • LowPayBritain@cplproductions.co.uk
  • 07584 516 877