There are several reasons why most of us will gain weight through December and it’s not just because we’re surrounded by more fat- and sugar-laden food than usual.

Motivation to exercise plummets, and whilst we may excuse ourselves because we’re in ‘holiday mode’, this comes with a nagging sense of the impending struggle that awaits us in the New Year. Most of us will put on 7-10lb, our exercise routine will disintegrate and we’ll resign ourselves to eating everything we set eyes on just ‘because it’s Christmas’. January 1 rolls around and it can feel like a depressing uphill struggle just to get back on track again.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are some pretty simple steps you can take to stay on top of things without missing out on the fun.

Here’s how you can have your cake and eat it this Christmas.

Step 1: Train smarter

Short, High Intensity workouts are perfect when you are limited for time.

Even a 5-10 min interval based workout is better than none at all.

Mini workouts like this add up and help to limit the damage over the festive season.

Try this on for size…

  • Squats 20 seconds on 10 seconds off x 8 rounds.
  • Then… Press Ups 20 seconds on 10 seconds off x 8 rounds.
  • Then… Star Jumps 20 seconds on 10 seconds off x 8 rounds.

Step 2: Pick your battles

Its Christmas time. Parties, good food and drink are plentiful. You know this is the case, and there are some days and events which cannot be passed up. Christmas day being one of them.

However, this break from your usual weekday routine, means YOU NEED to adjust your usual weekend routine to suit.

If you have had social functions on during the week, come the weekend, you really must forfeit the usual Saturday night takeaway and drinks, if you want to reduce the damage and not gain weight.

Step 3: Create the right mind set

DO NOT right off the whole of December, just because it’s Christmas.

This is the number one mistake, most people make. The “New Year New You” mentality will leave you in the group of people gaining 7-10lbs this Christmas.

Create a new mind-set, one that says YOU MUST still do some exercise, YOU MUST eat clean when it’s not one of the special days, or unavoidable parties.

Be strong, reinforce your commitment to your goals and to yourself.

Step 4: Commit & invest in a proven, effective coaching program.

Stop trying to figure it all out for yourself. Invest in a program which provides you with the information YOU NEED, the accountability YOU NEED and the support YOU NEED.

I currently provide both 1:1 and small group coaching programs for men and women over at The Training Works Studio in St Margrets.

ALL of my coaching programs come with a full money back guarantee, so you have the peace of mind, knowing that you will achieve your goals.

To apply to work with me and we’ll schedule in a strategy call. Here we can discuss where you’re at, your goals, then put together a plan of action guaranteed to get you there.

Have a great day,

Matt Roots

Fitness & Lifestyle Coach