St Margarets and North Twickenham Councillors, Alexander Ehmann, Ben Khosa and Geoff Acton have backed a majority of local residents who have expressed deep misgivings about the proposed access plans for Richmond Council’s proposed redevelopment of Richmond College.

At present the Council plans propose that access to the residential element of the development would be provided via the residential roads to the East of the site; most notably via Egerton Road. Having listened to the concerns of local residents, the Liberal Democrat Councillors for the area have written to Councillor Stephen Speak (Conservative Cabinet Members for Highways) and to Mr Leon Daniels (Managing Director, Surface Transport at Transport for London) asking for an urgent rethink of the present proposals.

Commenting on the request, Councillor Alexander Ehmann said:

“Local people have had enough of the string of platitudes and feeble excuses they’ve received when questioning the Council’s proposals for the Richmond College redevelopment. The Council’s stonewalling has gone on far too long and my fellow Councillors and I felt it was time to show others the frustration of residents, whose consent has been taken for granted. We recognise that alternative access may involve further expense for the Council’s partners, but these costs are necessary to ensure the redevelopment continues to have the broad support of residents.”

Fellow Councillor, Ben Khosa added:

“We have written to Cllr Speak and Leon Daniels asking for an alteration to the access arrangements. If the Conservative administration spent more time listening to residents rather than thrusting ill-suited proposals on them, they would know that this redevelopment can only progress with the support of local people. That support requires a change to the access arrangements, critically, altering the access for new residential traffic from Egerton Road to Langhorn Drive. “