orleans easter 2015

Whether you want to develop and learn new skills in animation, costume design or textiles- there is a lot going on! Our workshops are based on two of our exciting exhibitions ‘A Guest in Turner’s House’ (in the Stables Gallery) and ‘Metamorphosis Open’ (Riverside Gallery) and we can’t wait to see how young people respond to these creative themes.

Animating Metamorphosis: For 14-17 year olds

Tuesday 31 March from 10am to 3pm at Stables Gallery.

Taking inspiration from the theme of metamorphosis, work with artist Kate Kennedy to learn and develop stop-frame animation skills. Create bold imagery and paper puppets to be used in your own short film and unique flipbooks.

Turner- Your Way: For 14-17 year olds

Wednesday 1 April from 10am to 3pm at Stables Gallery, with a visit to Turner’s House.

Have the opportunity to visit the house of artist J.M.W Turner (currently under restoration) and find out about his life in Twickenham. Draw, photograph and paint your response to the building and use these marks to create a piece of textile art back at the gallery.

Tactile Transformations: For 14-17 year olds

Thursday 2 April from 10am to 3pm at Stables Gallery.

Work with artist Ashley Howell to learn and develop costume design skills. Experiment with wire, wood, fabric, paper and plastic to create a unique metamorphosis inspired costume.

More Information

  • You can book online or over the phone (020 8831 6000)
  • We also have a full schedule of holidays workshops for children aged 4-14, which you can find more details about on our galley website.