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On Saturday 15 August, a sporting event will take place at Twickenham Stadium at 20.00 and again on 2 September at 14.30. This event will be used to test new travel arrangements for Rugby World Cup 2015, which will take place from Friday 18 September until Saturday 31 October.

Road users

Certain roads will be closed from 17.00 until midnight, including the A316 Chertsey Road between Hospital Bridge Road and London Road, Whitton Road, Rugby Road and Modgen Lane. Parking will be suspended on some roads surrounding the A316 closure.

Public transport

Buses in the area may be delayed, diverted or stop short of their normal destination. Tube and rail stations in the area are expected to be much busier than usual, especially from 16:00 to 19:30 as well as from 21:50 to 01:00.

The transport network will be busier than usual through Twickenham, Richmond, Hounslow and Kingston as well as to/from central London. If you are travelling through the area you may experience delays. If you can, please consider re-timing your travel outside of the busiest times, seek alternative routes and allow more time for your journey.

More Information

There will be 10 events at Twickenham stadium in total during the tournament