WWII Peldon Avenue Richmond

From 15 September 2015 to March 2016

To mark the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the Museum of Richmond has collaborated with The Richmond Local History Society to create an exhibition recounting Richmond’s experience of the Second World War.

Through displays of private artefacts, photographs, letters and reminiscences from local people, this exhibition relates the fascinating and moving stories of Richmond’s Second World War experience.

With insight from local historian; Simon Fowler, the exhibition focuses on experiences of those on the Home Front during the conflict. It tells us about the effect of the Blitz, rationing, evacuation, Civil Defence efforts and many other aspects of everyday life.

Richmond saw its fair share of bomb damage in WWII the worst in 1940 where raids destroyed most of Peldon Avenue, off Sheen Road. The same year the Old Town Hall and the British Poppy Factory Shelter both received direct hits. Bombings continued in April 1941 and then not again until 1944 when Richmond was visited by a new threat from the air - the V2 flying bomb.

During the early stages of the War Richmond residents recall digging trenches in their gardens to build corrugated iron shelters to protect them from the Blitz. Although some would simply shelter in their basements or under the dining room table.

Richmond has always been a popular destination for day trippers and this was still the case during the War. People came to get away from it all, increasing the Councils income from deckchairs, but causing no end of worry for the Air Raid Precautions Wardens, who knew there would not be enough room for everyone in the air raid shelters.

This engaging and informative exhibition provides a detailed look at how everyday life was changed by the war and how local people got involved in the war effort.

More Information

  • The exhibition opens at the Museum of Richmond on 15th September 2015 and will run until March 2016.
  • Entrance is free and will be accompanied by a range of events and educational opportunities.
  • Opening times for the museum are Tue-Sat 10am to 5pm.
  • Enquiries 0208 332 1141 or museumofrichmond@btconnect.com