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A brand new episode of Strangeness in Space, the FREE fan funded sci-fi comedy audio adventure, starring Sophie Aldred (Dr Who’s Ace) and Trev and Simon (Saturday Morning TV Legends) and produced by Clare Eden (Minister of Chance), will be released on Saturday, 13th February at 9.30am.

This episode, entitled Step Back in Time, also features a cameo appearance from special guest star, the Godfather of Alternative Comedy, Alexei Sayle, who plays an unhinged and unpredictable security guard called Keith Keys. In a brief statement Alexei, who is clearly delighted to have been invited to join the project told fans “you’d better listen to it, you wazzocks!”

Episode 3 presents the series’ fast growing number of “Mirthling” fans with an exciting and hilarious flashback, to the ridiculous series of events that led to Sophie, a space centre gift shop manager, being stranded in Space; orbiting planet Mirth, in a broken down spaceship, with wannabe synth pop heroes Trev and Simon.

As with the previous two episodes, Episode 3, Step Back in Time is a highly amusing, family friendly comedy adventure, featuring laugh out loud moments and surreal songs from Trev and Simon’s 80s styled synth pop duo Pink Custard (“we’re a bit like Blancmange”).

The series also stars Doon Mackichan (Toast of London, Smack the Pony, The Day Today) as the narrator Bounty Flightingale, Barnaby Edwards (Dr Who) as the computer robot L.E.M.O.N., Sarah Madigan as the voice of M.A.D.I and David Annen as the show’s host announcer, Jeremy. Other episodes have starred comedian Rufus Hound (Celebrity Juice, Dr Who), Peter Guinness (Alien 3) and Carol Cleveland (Monty Python’s Flying Circus). Look out for news of another exciting addition to the celebrity cast list in Episode 4 - coming soon!

All episodes of Strangeness in Space are available to listen FREE at or as a FREE download on iTunes.