Corenatal courses 2016

It’s ironic that a new mum takes on her most challenging physical role when she is potentially the most out of physical alignment. Lifting and carrying a baby can be a struggle if your ligaments are unstable and this in turn makes your spine vulnerable to injury. Even if you have a normal, low risk pregnancy, the right exercise plays a vital role in keeping you strong and healthy.

Corenatal GPT is especially designed for new mums. The exercises are designed with the changes that occur during pregnancy and labour in mind and also take account of way you move as a new mum. In addition to a postnatal workout, the exercises will strengthen the very muscles you use to lift, carry and hold your baby.

Group sessions are run using the ABC method. This means that although the Group as a whole will perform more or less the same exercise, if a particular exercise hurts or exceeds your current level, an alternative B or C exercise working the same muscle will be suggested. As well as expert advice from your instructor, GPT sessions have the added benefit of motivation from other new mums.

Classes are pre-booked and pre-paid and you will be asked to complete a questionnaire before the first session. To get the most benefit out of the program, attending at least one class a week is recommended.

More Information

  • Babies and children are welcome.
  • Spaces are limited and the FIRST SESSION IS FREE!
  • Book now on or 07786066776