Image - Kilmory_Mausoleumn

Although Francis ‘Black’ Jack Needham, 2nd Earl of Kilmorey and his oh-so-much younger mistress Priscilla Anne have both been dead for over 130 years they are proving to be St Margarets most welcoming hosts. Once again the stylish Victorian mausoleum that they share on the St Margarets Road opposite the Ailsa Tavern will be opening to the public.

At 12.00 midday on Sunday, 26th March the massive bronze doors will swing back to welcome visitors with stories of Victorian scandal, Egyptian time travel, and secret tunnels. Admission is free,

Although they don’t say much we know that Black Jack and Priscilla will be pleased to see you.

Kilmorey Mausoleum, St Margarets Road, Twickenham, TW1 1NJ