Avoid a nightmare this Halloween - tips to keep your home and family safe.

Richmond Council is asking parents to speak with their children if they are planning to go out on Halloween night and evenings across the holiday week.

Stay safe when trick or treating by following this advice:

  • Younger children should always be escorted by an adult
  • Only go to houses where residents are happy to welcome ‘trick or treaters’
  • Don’t knock on doors where there is a ‘No Trick or Treat’ sign - privacy and peace should be respected
  • Be visible. Stay in areas that are well lit with street lights - take a torch with you just in case
  • Make sure children are aware not to enter anyone’s house - stay on the doorstep
  • Be careful not to frighten vulnerable people, especially the elderly
  • Look carefully before crossing roads
  • Advise children not to behave in a disorderly way, for example do not vandalise or throw items like eggs and flour. This can cause damage and misery and it can be classed as criminal damage

Cllr Mark Boyle, Cabinet member for Housing, Public Health said:

“Dressing up and going trick or treating should be fun, but children and their parents need to follow a few basic rules.

“Younger children should always be accompanied by an adult, and older children need to understand how to stay safe and respect the wishes of other residents who do not want to be involved.”

— from a Richmond Council press release - 25 October 2017