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Tending the flame of the heart: a five-week course on mindfulness and emotion

Working skilfully with our emotional landscape is one of the biggest challenges of being human. In this modern world many of us are caught within a confusing contradiction – pressured to work harder and harder while simultaneously living and pursuing a fuller and happier life. It’s not surprising that this can lead to a sense of overwhelm and defeat. Our emotions, instead of being regarded as valued messengers from the heart, become assailants and barriers. Without realising it, we can easily move into a place of emotional estrangement and numbness.

So how do we skilfully hold our anger and fear and depression while also learning how to touch and experience beautiful emotions like joy and gratitude? In this 5-week course we will be cultivating a variety of meditative lenses for meeting, caring for, and fully opening to our emotions.

We’ll be learning how to:

  • Resource ourselves during moments of emotional intensity.
  • Meet our emotions with an affectionate and intimate attention.
  • Cultivate compassion, kindness, and acceptance towards ourselves, others, and our world.
  • Track the movements of the heart with mindfulness and curiosity.
  • Develop emotional awareness with creativity and playfulness.

Each two hour session will include a guided meditation followed by feedback, sharing, and questions as well as some teaching on a particular theme with explorative exercises, and group discussion.

Participants will be expected to practice with recorded guided meditations between classes which will be sent via email in the form of MP3’s.

‘Tending the flame of the heart’ will take place on Thursday evenings from January 4th - February 15th - 7:30-9:30pm. We will meet for four consecutive weeks and then have our final class after a two week break. The venue for the course is a family home on Laurel Avenue in Twickenham and the cost is £95.

To book your place or find out more information please contact Andrea at or 07940816650 or go to