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A display of over seventy strange, fascinating and sometimes surreal works are taking centre stage as the public will be shown some of the more curious collections from Orleans House Gallery’s storeroom.

‘Collection Curiosities’ will run from 25 August to 25 November with works that have been hidden away from public view because they’ve never fitted into a particular exhibition, now being put on show. These include strange portraits of the dead and phantoms, images of long-demolished buildings and vanished gardens, atmospheric watercolours, amusing caricatures, macabre objects and much, much more.

With some of the work continuing to mystify, we’re giving you the opportunity to fill out luggage tags with information about any unknown works or to answer more playful questions posed about some of the exhibits. Think you can help us settle the debate? Why not take part in the curiosity conversation and upload photos of your luggage tags, visit the Gallery’s Facebook page, or check out the Gallery @orleanshg and the Council @lbrut on Twitter using the #Orleanscuriosity.

If you can’t visit the exhibition in person, you can explore the entire Collection on the Gallery’s new website.

Cllr John Coombs, Cabinet Member for Arts, Culture and Sport said:

“With Orleans House having been a fixture in this borough in various forms for almost three centuries, the Art Collection being formed in 1963 and the House having served as a gallery since 1972, it is no surprise that there would be an array of odd items held in its treasure trove.

“This exhibition is a chance for some of those more curious collectables to get a show of their own - many for the first time. I hope you come along to see just what has been uncovered.”

— from a Richmond Council press release - 8 August 2018