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GASS - the ‘Great Annual Street Sale’ - Saturday 15th September in Northcote, Haliburton, Newry, Talbot, Heron and St Margarets Roads from 12.00 noon - 3.00pm.

There are times when the stuff that we accumulate around ourselves threatens to take over our lives. Shelves groan under the weight of unread books and record racks creak with unplayed CDs. Cupboards are crammed with things that we don’t even know we had and wardrobes are hung with clothes that went out of fashion when David Bowie abandoned the 3-inch stack heel in favour of lounge suits. What can we do about it all? There are 3 possible solutions:

  1. Do nothing until the neighbours wonder, “whatever happened to old so-and-so next door?” and our bodies are found buried under a mountain of rusting Swiss Fondue sets.
  2. Take everything to your local charity shop
  3. Take it all to GASS and sell it.

What Is GASS?

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Somebody once said that the best ideas are the simplest ideas - and so it is with GASS - the Great Annual Street Sale which takes place in North St Margarets on Saturday 15th September from 12.00 noon - 3.00pm.

The idea is what some people like to call a “no-brainer”. Take a table, stick it out on the pavement, cover it with all those things that you no longer need - and then sell them. It is like a massive car boot sale but without the car - or the boot. The array of things up for grabs at bargain basement prices is vast, from toys, books, CD’s, designer clothes and bric-a-brac at one end to home-made cakes, jams, pickles, plants and Christmas cards at the other. Allotment owners will be selling fresh fruit and vegetables, stalls will be selling savoury snacks and there may even be a busker of two. Last year GASS attracted so many stalls out onto the street they were visible from aircraft flying into Heathrow!

Such is the success of GASS that the event is now open to people living outside the immediate area. If you have a load of junk - er, sorry, objects d’art - that you would like to sell please contact Susannah on 07740 863195. Space is limited so please do not delay. The cost per stall is £2 for residents and £5 for others. This invitation to GASS is not open to commercial organisations of any size.

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GASS DAY starts at 11.00am on the footbridge over the River Crane at the end of Northcote Road with the Medieval Magic of ‘Beating the Bounds’. Local kids, 10 years and under, some in fancy dress, circulate the neighbourhood beating each junction with willow wands - and casting friendly spells. If you have a young Harry Potter or Hermione Granger in your house they’re welcome to join us. Willow Wands are supplied free of charge.

For those who like to know these things GASS is organised by NSMRA - the North St Margarets Residents Association. representing the good folk living in Northcote, Haliburton, Newry, Talbot, Heron and St Margarets Roads. To find GASS, stroll up the St Margarets Road, the A3004, towards old Isleworth and turn left just past the Ailsa pub.

Put a note into your diary… GREAT ANNUAL STREET SALE - SEPTEMBER 15th from 12.00 noon - 3.00pm You’ve got nothing to lose but your small change!