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The weather must be warming up because there have certainly been some signs of life down at Kilmorey Mausoleum. Could it be that ‘Black Jack’, the 2nd Lord Kilmorey, and his mistress, the youthful Priscilla, occupants of this Victorian vault for nearly 140 years are waking inside their velvet lined coffins and preparing to welcome this year’s visitors?

Jack and Cilla’s elegant catacomb (and alleged time machine) will be opening its bronze doors on Sunday 28th April between 10.00am and 3.00pm with guided tours to meet the past and present lovers and a Plant Sale supported by Petersham Nursery. The garden theme will be plants that encourage and sustain local wildlife including annuals. biennials, perennials, herbs and many more. Recognising that UK native plant species have seriously declined over the last 50 years this is a chance for you to turn your own garden into a plant and wildlife sanctuary. Local beekeepers will not tell you to buzz off and there is a raffle too! Admission is £3 which includes refreshments. Admission for members and children is free. All proceeds will support Environment Trust’s nature and conservation work. The address of the Mausoleum is 275 St Margarets Road TW1 1PN (opposite the Ailsa Tavern). There is unrestricted parking in the area all day.


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Everybody who has already come to visit Jack and Priscilla knows of the scandal surrounding the beginning of their affair in 1843…she being 20 and Jack’s ward of court and him being 35 years older for starters … but now even more shocking facts are coming to light…. the avaricious mother who was prepared to ‘pimp’ her daughter for money, the guardian who ran a Parisian lunatic asylum and a man fascinated by black magic whose love remained true even beyond the grave. The full story can now be revealed when the bronze doors of Mausoleum swing open once again on Sunday April 28th. Prepare to be horrified!

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Whether you are an experienced gardener or still developing your green fingers Environment Trust (and Jack and Cilla too) need your help. Would you be able to grow and donate some plants to our sale? Do you have experience of running a plant sale? Your advice would be invaluable. Would you like to help us on the day?

For more details please contact Lucia Pekarova on 07860 878462 or e mail

– from Martyn Day