In the middle of the Brexit dramas last month, the Ministry of Defence slipped quietly an announcement - previously suspended - that Kneller Hall would be sold. MP Vince Cable described the decision as: “Sneaky: I wasn’t told. And there was no communication with local residents.”

Vince Cable MP said that the sale has been “on the cards for a long time because the building is in terrible shape and no longer considered safe and fit for purpose. The MoD tell me they don’t have the money to do the necessary work. The problem now is to find a buyer who has deep enough pockets to refurbish the Hall and, then, can make a success of a hotel or conference centre.”

Vince Cable said that MoD ‘insiders’ had told him that the move to Portsmouth was “very unsatisfactory” and there is, as yet, no home for the museum.

“I am seeking as soon as possible a debate in Parliament to get the MoD to explain its thinking.”

— from a press release - 9 April 2019