Image - julian-costello-album-2020

The Julian Costello Quartet is promoting a new album released on 33Jazz Records.Connections: Without Borders. Connections we have to places through music and how music transcends borders. It was recorded in Norway and features great musicians from different parts of Europe. Music doesn’t have boundaries and nor should it. The music is inspired by how musicians and music travel like nature. Open to new ideas and influences from what should be an open world.

  • Julian Costello - saxes
  • Maciek Pysz - guitar
  • Adam Teixiera - drums
  • Jakub Cywinski - bass
  • Produced by Sebastian Ohmert in Berlin.

We have an album launch at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho on Tuesday 10th March and a tour which is being supported by the Arts Council. We are offering Open Soundchecks at our performances where people can come before the gig, see us setting up and getting a sound and last-minute rehearsing - stress and all! They can ask questions and hopefully, this creates a nice informal relationship for the concert.