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Residents are being encouraged to keep a ‘Climate Change diary’ to help record local differences they are seeing due a reduction in carbon emissions.

With countries around the world enforcing lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic, CO2 emissions are dropping globally. This is a result of a reduction in transport use, electricity demand and industrial activity.

Local group, Let’s Go Outside and Learn, are keen to understand how changes in local people’s lifestyles may potentially impact the way that they live in the future. They are asking residents to keep a diary over the next few weeks and months.

Diaries could consider areas such as:

  • How have changes lifestyle over the last few weeks changed the way that you live your life?
  • How will this impact your carbon footprint?
  • Are there any changes that you can sustain once life returns to normal?
  • Is there more that you could be doing at this time, and can others learn from you?

Ideas could be that participants compare their current carbon footprint with this time last year, look at how their travel, leisure activities, working practices have changed, has their energy consumption reduced and is there anything that people are currently doing that they could do in the future e.g. cycling / walking / composting / shopping local.

The information will help inform future local work around Climate Change.

Cllr Martin Elengorn, Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee at Richmond Council, said:

“The coronavirus pandemic has changed how many of us live and our impact on the environment. For example, our air quality has improved due to the drop-in pollution from transport.

“As thoughts are turning to the end of the lockdown, people may choose not just to return to how things were before. For example, they may wish to adopt more home working and less commuting.

“We are supporting this local diary project as I think it will give us an interesting insight into some of the possible areas of change”

Frances Bennett from Go Outside and Learn, added:

“This is a great opportunity to reflect on our lifestyles, which have changed radically in just a few weeks. We are asking people to keep a diary over the next few weeks reflecting on any changes. To take part get in touch and we will make weekly suggestions of areas of your life that you could focus on to investigate. We want to highlight examples of good practice and ideas of how this can translate into our normal lives.”

For more information or to take part in this project, email: or go to:

– from a Richmond Council press release - 5 May 2020