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Help is wanted to water many of the young trees planted across the borough.

With warm, dry weather for much of the lockdown, watering schedules have been increased by the Council, this is to give the trees a good start to the growing season.

However, in addition to the current watering effort, the Council is calling on residents to check on any new trees outside their home and give them the best start in life by providing extra water. A couple of 5 litre watering cans every couple of days will be greatly appreciated and help the trees in this important stage of establishment. We encourage the use of water that is sustainably sourced, for example using ‘grey water’ from washing up or a bath and rain water.

In return, the trees will provide clean air to breathe and homes for birds and creatures. It will help to cool the streets, combating the ill effects of climate change.

Cllr Martin Elengorn, Chair of the Environment Committee at Richmond Council, said:

“Over the past few months we have planted a large number of trees around the borough. However, the recent warm weather has placed an additional stress upon these important assets. We are doing extra watering to help these trees establish, but residents can also help. If you can regularly spare a few minutes to fill your watering can and help water trees outside your homes, please do so - every little helps.”

Top tips:

  • Tap water, rain water or even dishwater is fine. Please make sure no chemicals stronger than washing-up liquid are in the mix
  • Try not to water when the ground is wet and soggy.
  • If you use a hosepipe, do so safely - don’t leave it unattended or trail it across the road
  • The best time to water is either in the morning or at night. Try to avoid the hottest part of the day, although water any time is better than no water at all
  • Feel free to share your efforts on social media using #RichmondTrees

For more information about watering trees, go to:

– from a Richmond Council press release - 6 May 2020