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A new youth survey has been launched looking at the health and wellbeing of children and young people during the pandemic.

The survey has been designed by the borough’s Youth Council in partnership with Achieving for Children and the Council’s Public Health Team. The Youth Council is made up of young people from schools across the borough. It is targeted at 11-17 year olds who live or go to school in Richmond upon Thames and looks at areas such as how lockdown has impacted them, learning at home or at school, mental health and healthy lifestyles.

The survey’s findings will be used to shape and inform recovery support in Richmond upon Thames, as restrictions start to be lifted.

As an incentive, participants will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 voucher. In addition, the school who submits the greatest number of entries will win £500 towards student wellbeing related activities.

Josie from the Youth Council, said:

“This survey was created by young people for young people and the data will allow us to change Richmond borough for young people.”

Lydia from the Youth Council, added:

“The process of creating the Richmond Wellbeing Survey was educational, insightful and exciting. Working in partnership with such an established team taught me so much about the council and its working. So much hard work was put into the curation of the survey and I am really proud of the results and I look forward to working towards improving Richmond borough for young people, based on these results. Thank you to everyone for all the dedication.”

Cllr Penny Frost, Chair of the Education and Children’s Services Committee, said:

“This survey run by the Youth Council will be very valuable to help us understand the issues which are troubling our young people in the borough. We’re concerned about the impact of this pandemic and in particular, how it might have had an impact on the mental health and wellbeing of our children and young people.

“We know that many young people have felt isolated as their parents have tried to balance new home-schooling responsibilities with work pressures and the normal day to day demands of family life.

“It’s hard, it’s unprecedented and it’s not something any of us have experienced before. As such, we have little understanding about how this pandemic might have impacted our wellbeing. With so many changes happening within local services, we need rapid feedback to understand more about people’s experiences.

“Quite simply, it has never been more important than now. We’re ready to listen, and we can use feedback to make sure new systems and services are set up with children and young people in mind.”

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– from a Richmond Council press release - 3 July 2020