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Richmond Council has joined the #RichmondSparkle campaign encouraging residents to light up their homes, businesses and schools this winter to help spread some joy across the borough.

The Winter Sparkle initiative is the brainchild of a group of neighbours in Whitton who came up with the idea of illuminating their houses with fairy lights to brighten up their neighbourhood and put a smile on their neighbours faces as the evenings began to get darker.

The #RichmondSparkle campaign aims to encourage residents to spread a little cheer in a year which has been extremely difficult for so many people. The Council would like the initiative to be rolled out across the whole borough. So, local people are encouraged to decorate their houses, businesses and schools with fairy lights which can be kept in place until the evenings get brighter again. Residents are encouraged to share their creations with the Council, so they can be shared with the wider community.

Cllr Michael Wilson, Spokesperson for Communities, Equalities & the Voluntary Sector, said:

“The introduction of a second lockdown has been difficult for many people across the borough especially as the evenings get darker earlier and the weather turns. The #RichmondSparkle campaign aims to brighten up the evenings for residents and spread some joy at a difficult time for many of our residents struggling through the second lockdown.

“I would encourage everyone to get involved with the campaign and to decorate their homes, businesses and schools and help to spread some cheer. Share your creations with us via social media and we will share your illuminating work with the rest of the borough.”

Jo Shaw, of the Winter Lights & Sparkle Facebook group, said:

“The idea of the campaign is to pop some fairy lights up at the front of the house that can be kept up until Spring, most of our houses in Cedar Avenue Whitton are lit up and it’s having a big impact on everyone who passes by to see our sparkly street. We want everyone to feel a little bit of cheer and hope in these dark and difficult times and hope everyone joins us.”

Share your #RichmondSparkle creations of your home, business or school with the Council via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #RichmondSparkle

There will also be a special prize given out for the best entry received by the Council.

Check out the Whitton neighbourhood Winter Sparkle & Lights Facebook page for some inspiration.

– from a Richmond Council press release - 19 November 2020