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Richmond Council has expressed its praise for the incredible local community spirit seen in recent days with the mammoth fundraising effort achieved by the team at Park Lane Stables, Teddington. Park Lane Stables have raised in excess of £1 million in order to purchase its site in from their landlord, ensuring the stables can stay open and continue to operate as a Riding for the Disabled (RDA) group.

Park Lane Stables has been part of the Teddington community for many years. The riding school provides horse riding classes to children in the local community and, as an RDA group, works specifically with residents with disabilities and mental health challenges to provide therapy and happiness through riding.

The lease at Park Lane Stables is due to end on 31 May 2021 and the property owner of their premises had informed the riding school to their intention to sell the site.

The stables had been served notice on their lease, leaving them just six weeks to raise the £1m needed to purchase the site. During this period, as community interest group, the stables were able to notify Richmond Council of their intention to bid for the asset, which triggered a six-month moratorium period during which the owners can only sell to the group.

This six-month period has given Park Lane Stables time to develop a proposal and raise the required capital in order to bid for the land once it comes onto the open market. The site was previously approved as an Asset of Community Value.

With local and national support, the team at Park Lane Stables have been able to reach their target of raising £1million through a crowdfunding site.

Cllr Michael Wilson, Richmond Council’s Spokesperson for Communities, Equalities & the Voluntary Sector said:

“We have seen an incredible outpouring of community spirit and solidarity in recent weeks to help ensure the future of the Park Lane Stables. The generosity and kindness of all our residents, and from people across the nation, has been extraordinary.

“During these most difficult of times the kindness of our community has been seen and this fundraising effort will ensure that the team at Park Lane can continue to provide the amazing service they provide into the future.”

– from a Richmond Council press release - 22 February 2021