Image - Kilmorey-exterior

What is that eerie screech you can hear echoing across the deserted garden? A two-ton bronze door perhaps swinging open on a Victorian mausoleum or the rasp of fingernails scratching across a wooden coffin lid? Who are those lost souls sighing in the night, so many years apart, now finally reunited? Could it be Black Jack Kilmorey, dead now for 140 years, reaching through eternity for his one true love the beautiful Priscilla Hoste dead since 1854 but not forgotten?

Jack and Priscilla have laid together, side by side, in Kilmorey Mausoleum since the late 1800s, their love lasting through World Wars, economic boom and bust and a scandalous generation gap that horrified Victorian society.

Image - Kilmorey-interior

You can now meet the star crossed lovers and hear their story of magic and maternal cruelty when Kilmorey Mausoleum opens its doors at 6.00pm on Friday 29th October. As the shades of Halloween fall you can step inside this Victorian ‘time machine’ dedicated to the gods of ancient Egypt and sense the beginning of a romantic journey beyond the grave.

Habitats and Heritage will be opening the Kilmorey Mausoleum, St Margarets Road, TW1 1QN - opposite the Ailsa Tavern - to the public on Friday 29th October from 6.00pm - 9pm. Admission is £5 - More information and tickets

– from Martyn Day