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Mr Lightoller goes to Dunkirk

Image - LIGHTOLLERDUNKIRK_Charles-Lightoller

Is courage something that is always there – flowing constantly and always on hand when needed – or is it something that we must go looking for inside ourselves, in the hope that we’ll find it?

For local resident Charles Herbert Lightoller, late of No. 1, Duck’s Walk, East Twickenham, courage was always there. In 1912, serving as Second Officer aboard the apparently unsinkable ‘Titanic’ he helped save 30 survivors by encouraging them to cling to an upturned boat. Second Officer Lightoller was the last survivor to be pulled from the water

13 August 2017 | around_town

Open House London - Bushy House - 17 September 2017

Image - Bushy-House-Open-Flyer-2017

Bushy House was built for Edward Proger in the 1660s and was the residence of William, Duke of Clarence (later William IV) and his mistress Dora Jordan. It has been part of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) since 1900.

13 August 2017 | around_town

All the way from Memphis - 1967

Image - MEMPHIS_stax-logo

In the spring of 1967 an unusual package tour flew into Europe from America. Unlike other pop shows on the circuit at the time these artists were mainly black, they all came from Memphis, Tennessee and they all recorded for the same record label, Stax, known locally as “an R&B powerhouse”.

6 August 2017 | around_town

Get tickets for the Know Your Place Festival 2017

Image - know-your-place_logo_png

Tickets are now on sale for the annual ‘Know Your Place’ Heritage Festival which celebrates Richmond’s rich and vibrant history.

Organised by Richmond Council’s Library Service, the ‘Know Your Place’ festival is the annual programme of activities that takes place throughout September and celebrates the history of the borough.

6 August 2017 | around_town

Exhibit: Celebrating life on the Thames

Image - paul-stewart-live-on-thames

A new photography exhibition, celebrating life on the Thames will open next month at the Riverside Gallery in Richmond.

Award winning photographer, Paul Stewart, will open his exhibition at the Gallery from 12 August – 23 September. The exhibition is in partnership with The Thames Landscape Strategy.

6 August 2017 | around_town

The return of skiffle

Image - SKIFFLERETURN_skiffle-group-1

After about 60 years of absence the word ‘Skiffle’ has suddenly made a reappearance in the news leaving a number of people, particularly younger ones, scratching their heads and wondering “Huh?” Surprising as it might seem there are actually some people out there – intelligent people with O levels, Tufty Club badges and a full set of Pokémon trading cards who do not know what skiffle is – and why it might be of interest to the population of St Margarets… so here is a crash course.

16 July 2017 | around_town

East Twickenham Fair and dance - 22 July 2017

Image - event-east-twick-2017

A specially commissioned dance event celebrating the history of the Belgian Refugees who lived and worked in East Twickenham during the First World War.

16 July 2017 | around_town

St Margarets Fair 2017 - 8 July 2017

Image - st-margarets-fair-2017

Come over to Moormead Park for the Fair. The fair runs from 11.45am to 7:30pm. There are loads of stalls, food, drink, music, the annual 5-a-side football competition and an amazing dog show.

6 July 2017 | around_town

Share your Marble Hill memories

Image - marble-hill-memories

Do you have any old photographs, memorabilia or documents relating to Marble Hill Park? Bring them along to our collection event. We’ll take photographs of your contributions and record the story behind them before handing them straight back to you. In this way we hope to build up a social history of the park since the early 1900s, when it came into public use.

5 July 2017 | around_town

Orleans House summer holiday activities

Image - orleans-house-summer-2017

Join us for a month of workshops inspired by our new Stables Gallery exhibition Picture Play. Explore themes of Animation, Toys and Games and the exciting stories and characters of Orleans House.

5 July 2017 | around_town

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