Kilmorey Mausoleum is a Grade II listed building with exotic origins and a colourful history. It was built in the early 1850s by the Earl of Kilmorey for his mistress, Priscilla Hoste. They had a son, but she became terminally ill with heart disease and died in 1854. The mausoleum was designed in Egyptian style by the architect H.E. Kendall and first erected in Brompton Cemetery before coming to Twickenham.

Conservation News

The Kilmorey Mausoleum has received a lot of attention during the last year. It has been three years since the Environment Trust offered to maintain and develop the grounds, and we have since opened the building three times, attracting more than 300 visitors per opening. The Mausoleum was also featured in the program "Off the Beaten Track" in June 2005. In addition to the grove of silver birch trees, the Trust has planted amelanchier, buddleia, viburnum, ferns, wild rose bushes, and narcissus, seeded a wild flower meadow, and laid a path of bark chippings. All the work is done by volunteers, led by a Kew-trained conservation gardener.

Efforts are also developing a greater community use of the site, working with local schools and the education staff of the Orleans House Gallery, the arm of the council which is responsible for the Mausoleum.

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St Margarets Road
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historic house

historic house