Moormead Park Group
-Meeting- OLD EVENT

Third meeting discussing the improvement of Moormead Park.


  1. Update by Claire Wilson
    • Background and progress to date
    • Playground update
    • Fundraising update
  2. Pavilion
    • Costings received
    • Priority is basic upgrade for existing community use
    • Support so far
    • Ideas for Long term management
  3. *How the community made the pavilion work
    • Talk by Bazil Arden of Friends of Canbury Gardens -- a community group which runs a similar pavilion in Kingston.
  4. Fundraising -- ideas and events
  5. Small group discussions:
    • Fundraising/event group
    • Pavilion management
    • Landscape and maintenance
  6. Next Stages
    • Please call Claire Wilson with any queries or offers of help on 0208 744 0070