A special lecture event for children Saturday 14th May 2011 at 2.30pm Duke St Baptist Church, Richmond...

A Natural History of Richmond upon Thames in 5 objects chaired by Sir David Attenborough and the Great Crested Newt also starring ...

  • Nigel Reeve (head of ecology, Royal Parks) on the world of rotting wood
  • Joe Pecorelli (aquatic ecologist) on exploring the River Thames
  • Keith Martin (Friends of the River Crane) on his best bird
  • and the children of Archdeacon Cambridge Junior School with their mystery 5th object


  • Tickets £5 for children (7-17)
  • £15 for adults from our website: www.environmenttrust.co.uk
  • Adults must be accompanied by at least one child.
  • Book signing by Sir David after the event
  • displays by local organisations
  • book stall by The Open Book
  • refreshments available
  • displays by local organisations


Duke St Baptist Church, Richmond

Event Sponsor

Environment Trust

Kids OK
Sir David Attenborough and the Great Crested Newt