"I am intrigued by a lady, paralysed from the neck down, on TV news. She feeds herself chocolate using a robotic arm controlled by her thoughts. I decide to explore thoughts, to create a space where thoughts exist."

About the exhibition

Lose Your Mind is an exploratory journey through the mind, culminating in an installation and collaborative video with singer-songwriter Sarah Hacking-Brian, highlighting the everyday struggles of mental illness. The hope is that this artwork will help break the stigma surrounding these illnesses that affect so many with an overriding message of 'You are NOT alone' The work incorporates sumi-e (Japanese ink painting), copper and aluminium leaf, plaster, light, sound design and video, combining to create a rich and highly textural approach.

This project has teamed up with the charity Mind, which will benefit from the proceeds of artwork sales during this run.

Kids OK
oui neun lose your mind