North St Margarets Resident's Association
-Quiz Night- OLD EVENT

The latest NSMRA venture into community conscious-raising is a combined quiz, supper and children's film show all rolled into one. While the children watch a specially picked DVD in one room, their parents get down to answering some scalp scratching questions in another....and even the questions are unusual. Unlike most other quizzes where it is hard academic knowledge that is being tested, the dedicated NSMRA quizzer does his or her research looking at the back of corn flake packets, underneath children's toys and inside back issues of 'Exchange and Mart.'

The object, of course, is not to win big prizes -- because there aren't any -- but to impress your neighbours by proving that you can tell the difference between smoky bacon and cheese and onion crisps. In north St Margarets competitive crisp consideration is rapidly becoming a major spectator sport!