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Orange Tree Theatre
Katie Johnstone

Katie Johnstone wants to help the town she loves. She wants to start a business that will make millions while writing poems like Alex Turner. Everyone else wants her to get a boyfriend and go work at Tesco.

But Katie Johnstone isn't like everyone else.

Filled with northern soul dancing, a fox and extreme gardening Katie Johnstone is a celebration of the passion ...

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Orange Tree Theatre
Precious Little Talent

The USA is buzzing with the election of a new President. Joey, a disillusioned English graduate, arrives in New York to visit her estranged father. But after a whirlwind midnight run through the city, she finds herself falling for an idealistic young American. As she fights to be remembered by her father's failing mind, Joey must decide if she can let go of her fears and ...

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Richmond Shakespeare Society
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare's most popular and delightful comedy - set largely in a wood outside Athens and culminating in a massed wedding - is the perfect entertainment for our annual summer show.

The play brings together the formality of the military court, the boisterous enthusiasm of the "Rude Mechanicals" and the mysterious charged night-world of the Faerie. Our production will be inspired by the 1940's and steampunk.

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Orange Tree Theatre
In the Night Time (Before the Sun Rises)

Try a story. Yes, a story. We listened to stories when we were young and pink and bawling and now we don't cry in the night.

Two new parents are up in the middle of the night and their baby daughter won't stop crying. They try to soothe her with stories, but the stories tell of a dark and hopeless world outside.

Their fears and anxieties come to life and seep ...

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Orange Tree Theatre
Roger McGough

Hilarious and surreal, Roger McGough is a poet of many voices. Menace and melancholy there may be, but with plenty of his characteristic wit and wordplay too. We are delighted to welcome this most beloved of British poets to the Orange Tree, to read a selection of vintage, classic and surprising poems. The performance will be followed by a book signing.

Roger McGough's ...

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Orange Tree Theatre
Dealing With Clair

Clair works in real estate.

Mike and Liz are selling.

James wants to buy.

He'll only deal with Clair.

Selling houses. It's not forever. Who knows what I'll do? Maybe make a killing and just... disappear. That's right. Vanish.

First seen thirty years ago at the Orange Tree Theatre, where several of Crimp's early plays ...

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