Richmond Shakespeare Society
-Titus Andronicus- OLD EVENT

How much inspiration did Quentin Tarantino get from Shakespeare? The question needs to be asked, since in Titus Andronicus the murder, mutilation, rape and bloodshed far exceeds anything produced by Hollywood - as theatregoers will soon discover when they watch this rarely-performed tragedy at the Mary Wallace Theatre.

Director Jay Wright has chosen to place his production in the modern world, keeping the violence fully visible on stage, precisely because of its contemporary resonance. 'It's a play about decadence and loss of faith in a monolithic society,' he says. 'The central tragic figure is Rome herself, unable to reform or adapt, collapsing in a welter of bloody mayhem and revenge.'

Titus Andronicus runs from Saturday February 23rd to Saturday March 1st inclusive. Performances start on at 7.45, with matinee performances at 4.00pm on Sunday February 24th and 3.00pm on Saturday March 1st. There is no performance on Wednesday 27th.

Ticket prices are £8 for all except the final two evening performances. Seats can be booked via the telephone box office: 020 8744 0547. Credit card bookings are now accepted (MasterCard and Visa only).

Titus Andronicus